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The company ELEKTROREMONT IZOLA - maintenance, service and rewinding of electrical engines and trading is a sole proprietorship with headquarters in Izola, CMI, Cesta v Pregavor 3. The company was established in year 1987 with the main goal of ensuring quality and expertly performed and timely and price appropriate services for all the users and the owners of all types, powers and voltages electrical engines. Our service comprehends all activities from refit, service, reconstruction to rewinding and other extraordinary repairs.


We are working at refit, service, rewinding, reconstruction both rotors and stators, and also at other repair of:

-    all electrical engines of road railways, tramways and metros,
-    all electrical engines built in ships, yachts and other vessels,
-    all electrical engines for driving of rolling lines in ironwork and paper industry and rolling lines by the production of aluminium products,
-    all electrical engines in thermoelectric and hydroelectric power stations, and mines,
-    all electrical engines for the use in other industries, which includes also the special electrical engines.

All rewinding and repairs are performed based on our technical documentation or based on technical documentation of our customer. If it is not possible to acquire the original technical documentation, we prepare it in accordance with samples in our company with the use of electronic computer data processing.

All repairs and rewinding are performed with support of modern technology and using the high quality materials and necessary equipment.

Rewinding and other types of repair on engines with higher power and dimensions are performed, if agreed, at the seat of the customer.

We make winding at customers request and in all temperatures ranks, including the isolation rank H, namely on the machine for windings' modeling and in two hydraulic presses for the production of the flat part of the coil up to 1600 millimeters.

For the impregnation and drying we use modern drying chamber 2000 millimeters times 2000 millimeters in the S performance.

Control of our services, windings and electrical engines' isolation is made by testing, which is based on the DIN VDE 0530 standard, with the instrument for testing and diagnostic of electrical engines BAKER type DS 265.


The managing board
- director respectively the owner of the company.

-    divided in four basic technological departments:
-    diagnostic, measurements, quality control and development,
-    production of new rotors' and stators' windings,
-    repairs in form of rewinding and reimpregnation of windings of rotors and stators and other electrical engines,
-    production, repair and replacement of mechanical parts of stators and rotors (production and repair of collectors, sleeping rings, brush-holders, iron core package of rotors or stators, production and replacement of electrical engines' axles, bearing replacement, etc.).

- includes sale and purchase of materials and services.

Human resources structure
The company is very well prepared for the performance of quality services in technical and employee point of view.
In our structure we have highly qualified employees with high, higher and middle rang education, and masters that ensure the most quality and fast services with their expert knowledge, long-term working experiences and with affiliation to the company.


In past business period, we have successfully performed services for numerous domestic and foreign business partners. We gained a lot of additional experiences form this cooperation, which contribute to our business reputation in the world of business.

We shall mention only few so far existing business partners that order our services: Slovenian railways Ljubljana, Shipyard Izola, Port Koper, Sava Kranj, Cement factory Anhovo, Ironwork Jesenice, Ironwork Ravne, Ironwork  Štore, Impol Slovenska Bistrica, Cinkarna Celje, Vipap Krško, Paloma Sladki Vrh, Lesonit Ilirska Bistrica, Macedonian railway, Steam power station Bitola, SPS Oslomej, Hydroelectric power station Kalimanci, HPS Pesočani, HPS Tikveš, Cooper mine Bučim, etc.

We are also expertly cooperating with the University in Ljubljana.


-    growth of business operations volume and productivity,
-    preservation respectively increase of services' quality,
-    wining the quality certificate ISO 9001-2000,
-    realization respectively fulfillment of our vision, which is:

Elektroremont izola shall become one of recognized, respected and most quality companies from the field of maintenance, service and winding of all types of electrical engines, in Slovenia and Europe.

We want to reestablish the business commercial relationship with you, which shall ensure the fulfillment of yours requests and wishes for presented types of our services. We are also prepared for every new challenge, which shall contribute to future business cooperation.

Hoping that we succeed to present you the width of our operations, we open our doors for potential cooperation and we recommend us for yours appreciated orders.

Bernard Baics



We were nominated WEG Authorized
Repair Shop in 2018.


Cesta v Pregavor 3
6310 IZOLA, Slovenia EU

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Tel.: +386 5 640 19 50
Fax: +386 5 640 19 52

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